Why We Give Back

There are men and women making daily sacrifices on our behalf as Americans. Some are thousands of miles from here in the mountains of Afghanistan fighting for our freedom. They make huge sacrifices away from the comforts and safety of home. The price of war can be very high.

We have all been touched in some way by the ongoing military conflicts that have kept our military engaged. Political affiliation aside, the soldiers who have been wounded while fighting wars on foreign soil deserve our respect and support. Please consider supporting Team Red, White and Blue or the Wounded Warriors Project. Take a few minutes to view the videos on these pages, or go to their websites for stories of the sacrifices made by our soldiers.

Cancer Research. Closer to home we want to help those groups who are working to find cures for Cancer through Research: "You've got cancer" are difficult words to hear. When anyone hear this, thier first thoughts are" Is there is a cure for my cancer." Our company supports and The V Foundation. This foundation spends countless hours in research to find such cures and strides are taking place. This brings hope as well as better cure rates. Hope and motivation are what you'll find at the V Foundation.